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A Designer Through and Through

I've always had an outside perspective on the world and I use that to try and understand the reasons why the world is the way that it is. I realized that I want to find a way to help make the world a more understandable place.

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User Experience

picture of a whale eating a donkey

Gataca Digital ID

Contracted as the lead designer for a MIT based startup focusing on personal security using the blockchain. Did a full UX process - Research, Synthesis, Design, Testing, and Iterating.

Working on full portfolio page, PDF currently available.

Gataca Process Slides
picture of a whale eating a donkey

Wanderu Group

I worked on a team of designers directly with Wanderu. The goal was to find a user-centered problem and create a solution. We created a group travel feature which we tested and iterated on.

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Picture of a website layout for an ecommerce side of a comic shop site.

Comic Shop E-Commerce

For this project the ultimate goal was to create a structure for a local store’s eCommerce. I designed an eCommerce experience for a comic store “Comicazi” in Davis Sq. in Somerville, Ma.

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Graphic Design

Picture of hand crafted spread for a book for the brand Vans

VF Brand Book

A brand book for the company "VF". The book contains 5 different sections in the style of the subsidiaries of VF.

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A poster for a theatre production of the play - Say Goodnight, Gracie.

Theatre Posters

During my time at Roger Williams University I was the Publicity Head for a student "Stage Company". I created a variety of posters for the different plays and events.

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